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Texas Bug Control is a leading Austin pest control service, dedicated to safeguarding homes and businesses throughout the greater Austin area. With a commitment to effectiveness and safety, we are the go-to choice for comprehensive pest solutions in the greater Austin pest control market. Experience a bug-free environment with our expert team by your side.

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Are you looking for a pest control specialist in Texas? Texas Bug Control offers a range of services to protect your home or business from pests. We use the latest methods, equipment, and products to effectively eliminate all types of infestations. From ants and roaches to termites and bedbugs, Texas Bug Control can help you get rid of any unwanted guests. Our technicians are highly trained in pest control techniques and will work with you to develop an effective plan that fits your needs. Texas Bug Control also offers preventative measures such as regular treatments and inspections which can help keep pests away for good. With Texas Bug Control, you can trust us to effectively and safely handle all your pest control needs. Call today for more information on how we can help!

Effective Pest Control Solutions in Austin

Targeted Pest Control

Texas Bug Control offers premier pest control solutions, designed to protect Austin homes and businesses from unwelcome invaders. Rely on our expertise for effective treatments that ensure a pest-free environment, tailored to the unique needs of the greater Austin area.

Fire Ant Control

Combat the fiery sting of invasive pests with Texas Bug Control’s specialized Fire Ant Control services. Harnessing the latest techniques, we ensure your Austin property remains free from these aggressive ants, offering peace of mind and a safe outdoor experience.

Roach Exterminator

Eradicate the resilient roach menace with Texas Bug Control’s expert Roach Extermination services in Austin. Our specialized approach ensures swift elimination, giving homes and businesses a clean, roach-free environment to thrive in.

Scorpion Control

Defend your Austin property against the lurking threat of scorpions with Texas Bug Control’s dedicated Scorpion Control services. Leveraging advanced methods, we prioritize your safety while ensuring these venomous pests are thoroughly kept at bay.