Take Back Your House From Those Pesky Ants

Unwelcome ant trails in kitchens and bathrooms quickly become a nuisance for homeowners. Texas Bug Control provides proven ant extermination services to safely knock down indoor and outdoor ant infestations. This guide covers our specialized treatment methods, prevention tips, service plans, and answers common ant questions.

Ant Facts

Let’s first review what makes ants such pervasive pests:


  • Ants belong to family Formicidae with over 12,000 species worldwide. The most common ant invaders include odorous house ants, Argentine ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants.


  • Ant colonies contain queens, male drones, and thousands of female workers divided into specialized roles like foraging and defending. Multiple queens maximize colony growth.


  • Ants consume human foods along with sweet substances like plant nectar and honeydew from sap-sucking insects. Carpenter ants eat mainly insects rather than foods.


  • Ants enter structures through the tiniest cracks and crevices in foundations, walls, doors, and windowsills. They rapidly exploit entry points.


  • Ant colonies nest both outdoors and indoors within soil, gardens, wall voids, under slabs, and inside wood. Their nest networks are often extensive.

These ant behaviors enable infestations to arise and spread rapidly at home and workplaces. Texas Bug Control stops them through advanced treatment regimens.

Professional Ant Treatments

Our pest experts are equipped to eliminate all types of ant infestations:


  • We conduct thorough visual inspections plus tapping and flushing to pinpoint nest locations both indoors and outdoors. Identifying colonies is key.

Precision Application

  • Our commercial spray equipment allows treatment into the smallest structural cracks and crevices where ants harbor. This achieves full coverage other methods miss.

Targeted Products

  • We utilize advanced ant bait formulas and non-repellent liquids for efficient colony annihilation. Baits eliminate queens and nests for longer control.

Follow Up

  • If any stragglers remain after initial service, we promptly return for callback treatments at no charge until full elimination is achieved.

Prevention Recommendations

  • We advise on ant-proofing tactics tailored to your property to help keep infestations out long-term after elimination.

Texas Bug Control’s expertise makes us the top option for both immediate and lasting ant control.

Over-The-Counter Challenges

Liquid ant sprays and baits sold in stores have limitations:

  • Ready-to-use formulas lack sufficient concentration of active ingredients to quickly kill large infestations.
  • They have limited ability to penetrate deep into nesting areas inside voids.
  • Without professional equipment, treatment coverage remains uneven.
  • It’s impossible for consumers to determine if the entire colony including queens has been eliminated.
  • Re-infestation readily occurs from overlooked cracks and nesting hotspots.

Texas Bug Control offers both advanced products and expertise necessary to treat ant infestations at the roots.

FAQ About Controlling Ants

What is the most effective way to kill ants?

Professional baits and liquid treatments customized to the species provide the most effective control. The combination of advanced products and strategic applications kills colonies at the core. Traps supplement population reduction.

How do you get rid of ants permanently?

Sealing entry points shuts down routes inside. Finding and exterminating the queen and colonies denies reproduction. Follow up treatments ensure elimination. Consistent annual perimeter spraying then keeps properties ant-free long term.

Will ants go away on their own?

Existing ant colonies will continue to grow, spread, and thrive once established indoors. Until the queen ant is killed and entry points sealed, infestations persist year after year. Professional treatment is the most effective solution.

Where do ants go in winter?

Ant colonies retreat into deeper indoor voids and burrows during cold weather. They remain dormant until warmer spring temperatures allow renewed foraging. Treatment is required to prevent surviving queens from rebuilding colonies each season.

Do ants hibernate?

Unlike bees, ants do not enter a true hibernation. Their metabolism just slows while protected underground over winter. Ants minimize activity during winter but remain present in nesting areas, ready to reemerge when conditions improve.

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When faced with unwelcome ant trails invading kitchen counters and structure exteriors, Texas Bug Control has the solutions. Our expertise and commercial-grade products eliminate current ants at the root while preventing future colonies. Contact us to schedule an inspection and discuss customized treatment options for your home or business. Our friendly team is ready to help keep ants out of your living spaces for good.

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