Take Back Your House From Bed Bugs

Are pesky bed bugs invading your personal space? Take back your home with bed bug treatment in Texas.

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Notorious for their stealthy nighttime attacks, bed bugs can turn homes into uneasy resting places. Texas Bug Control offers bed bug removal services using proven methods to confidently eliminate these parasitic pests from bedrooms and belongings. This guide covers our specialized techniques perfected from years of experience successfully combating bed bug infestations where they hide.

How Bed Bugs Invade Homes

Bed bugs excel at covertly infiltrating dwellings and hiding near hosts:

Hitchhiking Pests

  • Bed bugs latch onto luggage, purses, furniture and clothing to spread from infected sites into new environments. Just a few can lead to full-blown infestations.

Masters of Stealth

  • Their flat bodies allow them to conceal themselves in the smallest crevices in mattresses, headboards, furniture and baseboards.

Nocturnal Feeders

  • Bed bugs only come out from hiding to briefly bite exposed skin and draw blood for meals. They inject anesthetics that prevent waking their sleeping hosts.

Rapid Multiplication

  • A single mated female produces 100-500 eggs in her lifetime. Populations mushroom quickly if uncontrolled.

Year-Round Threat

  • Bed bugs thrive indoors regardless of winter or summer temperatures outdoors, allowing colonies to persist.

Texas Bug Control understands bed bug behaviors and vulnerabilities to stop them in their tracks.

Bed Bug Treatment Process

Our comprehensive bed bug elimination process involves key strategic steps:


  • Our technicians perform exhaustive inspections checking mattresses, bed frames, furniture, and even inside walls for signs of infestation. Detection is critical before treatment.

Targeted Applications

  • We utilize advanced bed bug specific insecticides and dusts that seep into cracks and voids where bed bugs harbor and travel. This avoids scattershot spraying.

Follow Up

  • A second treatment after 14 days ensures any eggs hatched after initial applications are eliminated. We confirm success removing the infestation completely.

Prevention Measures

  • We advise on preventative tactics like mattress encasements, luggage isolation, and monitoring traps to keep bed bugs safely out of your home long term.

No hiding place goes overlooked when Texas Bug Control tackles bed bug elimination.

Heat Treatments

For severe infestations, we offer powerful heat treatments to kill bed bugs where they hide:

  • High temperature heating systems or steamers penetrate furniture, bedding and belongings to kill all stages of bed bugs on contact.
  • Heat safely travels into voids, cracks and spaces chemicals cannot reach.
  • We bring truck-mounted heating equipment on-site to intensively treat entire rooms for worst-case scenarios.
  • Heat also prevents bed bugs from fleeing to other areas to escape chemicals.

Thermal bed bug services provide an effective supplemental treatment when needed to ensure success.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Falls Short

Attempting do-it-yourself bed bug control has pitfalls:

  • Store bought sprays lack the strength and formulations to kill bed bugs harboring inside deep structural voids.
  • Containing treatments to just bedrooms allows populations hiding in other rooms to go overlooked.
  • Determining if an infestation has been fully eliminated as an amateur remains difficult.
  • Over-the-counter products provide insufficient residual activity between applications.
  • Retail insecticides prone to repelling and scattering bed bugs rather than killing on contact.

Texas Bug Control has both the advanced solutions and expertise required to tackle bed bug cases of all levels based on meticulous inspection.

Why Bed Bugs Require Professionals

Bed bugs pose particularly challenging pests for homeowners to tackle solo:

  • They hide in tiny cracks, making detection complicated and treatments hard to place properly.
  • Their growing pesticide resistance requires specific solutions.
  • A lack of early detection allows populations to multiply rapidly.
  • Adjacent rooms and units often become overlooked sources of recurring issues.
  • Their nocturnal schedules mean infestations go unnoticed initially.
  • Difficulty confirming elimination without experience.

Texas Bug Control has the know-how to overcome bed bugs’ resilient and sneaky survival strategies where others fail.


Don’t spend another restless night dealing with bed bugs. Texas Bug Control has the equipment, partnerships, and experience required to efficiently eliminate these parasitic pests and prevent their return through long term vigilance and exclusion. Contact us to schedule an inspection and discuss our highly effective bed bug removal services. We provide discreet solutions tailored to exceed your expectations.

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