Take Back Your House From Beetles

Are beetles invading your personal space? Take back your home with beetle treatment in Texas.

From grain boring pantry pests to wood destroying powderpost beetles, beetle invasions threaten stored food and structural wood integrity. Texas Bug Control offers customized beetle control to safely eliminate infestations and prevent costly damage. This guide covers our proven elimination methods and prevention recommendations.

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Common Beetles Invading Homes

Several unwelcome beetle species make their way into homes:

Carpet Beetles

Varied carpet beetle larvae feed on fabrics, carpets, pet food, and pantry items. Adults fly to windows and lay more eggs indoors.

Drugstore Beetles

Drugstore beetle larvae bore into dried foods, spices, pet food, and rodent baits, ruining pantries. Adults fly between kitchen pantries and crawl spaces to deposit eggs.

Furniture Beetles

Furniture beetles damage wood furniture, flooring, frames, and shelving by tunneling inside to lay eggs. Their exiting holes leave behind frass.

False Powderpost Beetles

Unlike true powderpost beetles, false powderpost beetles only damage wood with surface grazing rather than internal tunnels. But they still harm wood finishes and floors.

Grain Beetles

Invading stored grains and cereals, common grain beetle larvae feed and breed inside leaving behind dead insect parts and feces, ruining products.

Cigarette Beetles

A pest of tobacco products, cigarette beetle larvae also infest dried spices, seeds, nuts, and museum displays.

Beetle habits make them destructive invaders in homes requiring specialized removal.

Professional Beetle Treatments

Texas Bug Control’s customized beetle treatments eliminate infestations at the source:


Thorough inspections locate hidden infestations inside furniture, wood, pantries, and wall voids containing larvae and eggs.

Targeted Applications

We use advanced beetle-specific insecticides, avoiding inefficient scattershot spraying. Products penetrate deep inside furniture, wood bores, wall voids and food packages.

Structural and Stored Product Protection

Treatments protect both structural beams, timbers, and firewood from wood boring beetles as well as pantry goods prone to stored product pests.

Guaranteed Elimination

We keep servicing affected areas until all signs of beetle activity, boring dust, and emergence holes have been resolved.

Prevention Recommendations

We advise proactive tactics to help avoid future beetle issues like proper wood storage, sealing gaps, monitoring lures, and maintaining diligent sanitation.

Texas Bug Control eliminates beetle damage risks using customized strategies specific to each type of infestation.

Why DIY Beetle Control Falls Short

Attempting do-it-yourself beetle treatments has disadvantages:

  • Store bought sprays cannot penetrate deep inside furniture and structural wood where larvae and eggs hide and feed.
  • Without proper identification, choosing effective products for each beetle species proves difficult.
  • Total elimination is near impossible to confirm without professional inspections.
  • Off-the shelf products provide insufficient residual to protect from re-infestation long term.
  • Over-the-counter treatments prone to just repelling visible adults rather than reaching hidden life stages.

Texas Bug Control offers both the advanced solutions and expertise required to truly eliminate damaging beetle infestations.

Why Beetle Problems Require Professionals

Beetles pose particularly challenging pests for homeowners to tackle solo:

  • Larvae bore deep inside furniture, floors, and wood framing hidden from view and difficult to reach.
  • Correct identification of the species allows pinpoint treatment formulations.
  • Tiny entry points into pantries and furniture make intercepting beetles hit-or-miss.
  • Ability to confirm elimination of larvae and eggs inside voids requires experience.
  • Beetles easily move room to room through overlooked cracks.
  • Activity goes unnoticed until damage appears since beetles are secretive.

Texas Bug Control has the know-how to overcome beetles’ destructive and concealed behaviors where DIY efforts fall short.


Don’t tolerate beetles ruining your home’s structural integrity or contaminating your pantry any longer. Texas Bug Control has the solutions to identify and intercept beetle infestations at the source before costly damage accrues. Contact us to schedule service protecting your home or business. Our beetle control experts look forward to creating a customized prevention and elimination plan tailored to your specific scenario.

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