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Are carpenter ants invading your personal space? Take back your home with carpenter ant treatment in Texas.

Carpenter Ant Infestations: Identification, Removal, and Control

Carpenter ants are a large species of ant native to the United States and known for their destructive behavior. They can cause significant structural damage if left unchecked, which is why it’s important to identify and remove infestations quickly. In Texas, controlling carpenter ants requires professional help from an experienced pest control company like Texas Bug Control.

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It’s important to be able to recognize signs of a carpenter ant infestation before it becomes too severe. The most common sign of an infestation is seeing the ants themselves. Carpenter ants are larger than other species, ranging between one-quarter inch and three-quarters inches long. They vary in color from black or brown to red or yellowish with a single node between the thorax and abdomen.

In addition to seeing the ants, it’s important to look for signs of damage to wood structures in your home or business. Carpenter ants are most commonly attracted to wet or decaying wood, so any rotting wood should be examined closely. Other signs of an infestation include sawdust-like material near wood structures and hollowed-out galleries in the wood itself.

Once you have identified an infestation, it’s essential that you contact a reliable pest control company like Texas Bug Control as soon as possible. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property and determine the best course of action for eliminating the problem. We use advanced treatments that are proven effective against carpenter ants, allowing us to quickly and safely remove infestations.

Texas Bug Control provides comprehensive carpenter ant control services to protect your home or business from further damage. Our team of experts can help you identify and eliminate infestations while preventing future problems. Contact us today to schedule a free property inspection and get started on the road to complete pest control.

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