Take Back Your House From Those Pesky Daddy Long Legs

What is a Daddy Long Leg Spider?

Daddy Long Leg spiders, also known as cellar spiders, are some of the most common household pests in Texas. These small, dark-colored spiders are easily identified by their unique shape and long legs. Daddy Long Leg Spiders typically measure between 7 and 14 mm in body length and have distinctively long legs that span up to 50 mm. They can be found in many homes, businesses, garages and other areas throughout Texas.

Texas Bug Control works to eliminate Daddy Long Leg Spiders in residential and commercial buildings across AllandaleAndiceAustinBarton CreekBee CaveBrushy CreekCedar ParkDaffanDel ValleDripping SpringsJollyvilleJonestownGeorgetownGreen ShoresHuttoLakewayLeanderLiberty HillManorMuellerOak HillOnion CreekPflugervilleRound RockRough HollowTarrytownThe HillsWells BranchWest Lake Hills, and Windemere.

How To Control and Remove Daddy Long Legs?

If you have a Daddy Long Legs infestation, contact Texas Bug Control right away. We provide comprehensive preventative treatments for your home or business that can help to reduce and eliminate the presence of these spiders. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property, identify entry points and apply targeted treatments to get rid of any existing Daddy Long Leg spiders.

We also offer ongoing pest control services designed to prevent future infestations of Daddy Long Leg spiders and other pests in Texas. If you’d like to learn more about our preventative approach or need immediate assistance with a spider problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our helpful team is standing by and ready to answer all your questions!

How to Prevent Daddy Long Legs in the Future?

In addition to our comprehensive preventative pest control treatments, there are also steps you can take to reduce the possibility of a Daddy Long Leg infestation in your home. Make sure to seal any cracks and crevices around windows and doors that these spiders may use to get inside. Eliminate clutter around your property as this creates an ideal environment for spiders. Finally, make sure to regularly inspect both the interior and exterior of your home for signs of Daddy Long Legs or other pests.

With the help of Texas Bug Control’s experienced team, you can keep your home or business free from Daddy Long Legs spiders and other pests. Contact us today to learn more about our professional preventative treatments and get started on protecting your property!

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