Take Back Your House From Flies

Are pesky flies invading your personal space? Take back your home with fly treatment in Texas.

Fly Infestations: Identification, Removal, and Control

The Lone Star State of Texas offers some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery in the world, but with it comes a multitude of bugs and pests. Flies, in particular, can be annoying, and they can also carry diseases that threaten our health. Fortunately, Texas Bug Control is here to help you identify flies and provide advice on removal and control methods so you can enjoy your time outdoors without fear.

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What Are Flies?

Flies are insects in the order Diptera. There are many different kinds of flies, but they all have two wings, a pair of antennae, and three body segments. Flies can range in size from tiny fruit flies to large houseflies, and their coloration can vary too.

Identifying Different Types of Flies

There are several ways to identify different types of flies. Some telltale signs include the shape and size of their bodies as well as any distinguishing features such as colorful stripes or spots on their wings. Additionally, observing their behavior and habitat can be helpful in recognizing certain species.

Behavior and Characteristics of Flies

Flies will usually swarm and buzz around windows, doorways, and other areas where food is present. Additionally, they may be seen in large numbers near garbage cans or compost piles.

Removing Flies with Texas Bug Control

Texas Bug Control offers a variety of solutions to help you rid your home or business of flies. Our experienced team will evaluate the infestation and recommend the best removal method, whether that’s baiting, trapping, or using insecticides. We also offer advice on preventative measures, such as proper waste management and keeping food sealed away from pests.

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