Take Back Your House From Unwanted Stinging Pests

Are pesky stinging pests invading your personal space? Take back your home with stinging pests treatment in Austin.

Stinging Pests Infestations: Identification, Removal, and Control

Texas Bug Control specializes in the identification, removal and control of stinging pests. Our experienced pest professionals can provide you with the best solution to handle any infestation quickly, safely, and effectively. We have years of experience dealing with a variety of stinging insects found in Texas such as wasps, hornets, bees and more. We use safe and effective treatments that are tailored to your specific needs to ensure complete eradication of the problem. No matter how big or small the infestation, our team is here to help you get rid of it for good. Call us today for a free consultation!

Texas Bug Control works to eliminate stinging pests in residential and commercial buildings across AllandaleAndiceAustinBarton CreekBee CaveBrushy CreekCedar ParkDaffanDel ValleDripping SpringsJollyvilleJonestownGeorgetownGreen ShoresHuttoLakewayLeanderLiberty HillManorMuellerOak HillOnion CreekPflugervilleRound RockRough HollowTarrytownThe HillsWells BranchWest Lake Hills, and Windemere.

What Are Stinging Pests?

Stinging pests are those insects that have the capability to sting or bite humans. These include wasps, bees, hornets and more. It is important to identify which type of stinging insect is present in order to choose the appropriate treatment method.

How Do I Identify Them?

The first step in identifying a stinging pest infestation is to look for telltale signs such as nests, swarms or individual insects flying around. Wasps and other social species tend to form colonies while solitary species like honeybees usually nest alone. Other useful clues may be found by looking at their size, shape, color and behavior.

Behavior and Characteristics of Stinging Pests

Wasps and other stinging pests typically have slender bodies, bright colors and transparent wings. They are extremely active during the day and may be seen hovering around flowers in search of nectar or hunting for food. Wasps also may be found constructing paper-like nests which can range in size from small to large depending on the species.

Removing Stinging Pests with Texas Bug Control

At Texas Bug Control, we understand the importance of fast and effective removal of stinging pests. Our licensed and certified technicians are trained in the most advanced methods for safely and quickly eradicating wasps, bees or other stinging pest infestations. We use a variety of products including sprays, dusts and baits to target individual insects as well as entire colonies. Our team works hard to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to prevent further infestation.

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