Pseudoscorpions, also known as false scorpions, are a group of arachnids that resemble real scorpions but are much smaller in size. Although they have many of the same characteristics as their larger counterparts, pseudoscorpions lack stingers and instead rely on venomous claws to subdue their prey. They can be found in Texas and throughout the world living in a variety of habitats including leaf litter, soil, water, caves, and even inside homes. Texas Bug Control provides services to help get rid of these pests from your home or property. Read on to learn more about where pseudoscorpions live and how Texas Bug Control can help you keep them away!

Pseudoscorpions can be found in Texas, as well as all around the world. In Texas, they are most commonly found in areas with high humidity and moist soil such as lawns and gardens. They can also be found living inside homes, often hiding behind window frames, doorways, and even furniture! Pseudoscorpions also like to hide under stones or logs when they’re not actively hunting for prey.

When it comes to keeping pseudoscorpions away from your property Texas Bug Control offers a variety of services that can help you do just that! If you have an issue with these pests in your home or on your property then Texas Bug Control’s team of experts will come up with a plan to help you get rid of them. Texas Bug Control uses natural and chemical treatments that are both effective and safe for the environment for Scorpions and Pseudoscorpions.

Whether you’re dealing with pseudoscorpions in Texas or elsewhere, Texas Bug Control can help provide the services you need to get rid of them! Contact Texas Bug Control today to learn more about how they can help protect your home or property from these pests.

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